About Us


ToKnowMe is a proud Canadian company which was established in January of 2011 after outgrowing the sole proprietorship of Rapid River Information Systems which began in 1999.

David Lewis

David Lewis is the founder, CEO and lead technician of ToKnowMe. David got his start in Information Technology in 1995, with a great deal of help from his father, Bob Lewis who worked at IBM for 35 years.  David also learned a great deal from incredibly talented I.T. people like Glen Drinkle, Mike Cope, Stef Keown and Paul Cain. David got enterprise computer experience during a year at Simcoe County District School Board and 8 years at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital (I.T. Department). I.T. is the ultimate in lifelong learning and the most important lessons are in the field on actual equipment learning from mistakes and successes. Sadly there’s no official apprenticeship for I.T. so for the people that do it well it's a passion.



ToKnowMe is a virtual company so we do not have employees in the conventional sense. That’s why you don’t see pictures and bio’s here. Our people are contractors who specialise in their chosen field and reside all over the world. We employ them on an as needed basis, usually project to project, depending on their skill set.