Product Development

ToKnowMe has done the research and development on several cutting edge devices for computer technology. We think that there is a disconnect between computer technology wrapped in it’s own eloquence and people trying to get a job done. We design products starting with the person or people using it. Then we progress through the technology making it fit their most need. Not unlike a carpenter's hammer, computer technology is just a tool that needs to get out of your way but be instantly handy at a moments notice. That’s our design approach. We can help. Call us.

Software Development

ToKnowMe has a lot of experience with many types of business software and has dealt with all aspects of software development. Our strength is understanding what is needed for the interaction between people and machine. Contact us to find out how we can help you with any business/software development needs.

Web Development

Website development is really just an extension of your businesses marketing plan. A website is your digital home plate, your calling card. It’s where your potential clients will decide to call or not call you. It’s also where your existing clients can have common questions answered quickly and accurately. Your website should firstly convey to whoever your viewer is, how they should feel about you. If you’re a florist, you may be best with pleasing floral imagery. If you’re an arms dealer your message would be different. Secondly, the website needs to have your message. Clearly and concisely. No ambiguity.

We have experience at finding out what your website is for and how to get it to do what you want and making that happen. Some clients have a pretty good idea and some no idea at all. Some want us to just take care of the whole thing and others just one part. We can help. Give us a call.

We offer the following web services:
Website Hosting - Domain Name Registration -Website Content - Logo Design - Artwork & Graphics - Getting Found on the Internet (SEO)