Software Support


Does time stand still when you can’t work. 90% of computer problems are ‘software’ problems.  We not only specialize in generic software issues, (such as issues with the ‘operating system’ and ‘office’ applications) but also with ‘custom’ applications.  All software is basically the same underneath so we can help with troubleshooting, give you the right questions to ask and even contact your software’s support people for you.  We can help with all types of legal software, accounting software, manufacturing software, and medical software.  Because we understand the structure of all software, learning new software is a very fast learning curve for our technicians.  We can set new software up properly and do your updates without any issues.

We can also help with software customizations such as macros or formulas in Excel, an Access database or with templates that will help you work more efficiently and error free.  We also excel at batch files and scripts.

Give us a call or fill in our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.  Here’s our contact information.