Web Development

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A website is homebase.  It’s your calling card. It lets people know who you are and what you’re about.  It’s a combination billboard, business card and biography of your business.

ToKnowMe Web Development are ‘minimalist’ website developers.  We aren’t comfortable with clutter.  We do all aspects of web development including domain registration, website hosting, logo and graphic design, layout design, content creation (including video & copywriting) and getting you found (SEO)

A website has to have some unique qualities. It has to appeal to a new visitor within the first 3 seconds, usually on an emotional level.  After that first decision, it has to answer or look like it will answer their most burning question within 10 seconds.  It also has to be crystal clear as to what their next move is.  It has to NOT make them work to get what they’re looking for so it has to be “clear” and “concise”.  That’s why we avoid ‘clutter’ in a website.

Some Examples of Our Work

This is a narcissistic website just to show my other interest in pottery and some work I've done.  It's a good example of what can be done to display images of your work in a simple format.

Erin K. Watson Law Professional Corporation

Erin is a remarkable lawyer that took over a law firm in Orillia.  We set up this 'placeholder' website for Watson Law until some decisions are made about the look and feel of the permanent website.  In the mean time Watson Law's website places well in a Google search.


Philip Trilsbeck - Realtor

Phil is a long time client and exceptional Realtor.  Phil has been helping people buy and sell homes and businesses for over 3 decades so he brings a wealth of experience.

Phil wanted a website that was different from all the rest. Something that made you feel less stressed about your potential sale or purchase decision.

Name-It Sports Equipment Graphics

Paisley was looking for a website where she could manage the images herself.  She's a relatively new business and wanted just a good site to refer potential clients to so they could see her work.

Crows Nest Cafe in Twillingate Newfoundland

A unique cafe in a spectacular Newfoundland harbour very near the the famous Twillingate lighthouse.  This is just a placeholder website while we decide which of the many remarkable images we want to use for this website.

Hewitt Landscaping

Ben is a remarkable landscaper that did some great terraces for me so I did some logo work and set up a website for him to show off his work. He's a new business that does great, imaginative work.

Hollis Legal

Margaret is a talented lawyer that wanted a very simple website that she could manage herself

Precision Metal Forming

Lyndon wanted a logo created for his new business venture.

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